We harvest two varieties of Asparagus starting in mid-May for about a month.

Jersey Giant is a variety with fat large succulent spears with a sweet  nutty flavour not unlike sweet peas. Quite delicious! 

Millennium is the other variety that has thinner spears and is Ontario’s #1 favourite as it is high yielding and delicious. 

As our spears are harvested and sold within minutes to hours of picking the entire 8-10 inch spear is tender and edible. 

Our favourite way of cooking Asparagus is to steam the spears for about 3 minutes and savour them smothered with sour cream or butter. 

The Rhubarb grown on Brooklands Farm has been grown here for over 140 years. It is the original variety that was planted back in the 1800’s when the land was settled by the family. 

This variety was carefully salvaged and multiplied from the original clumps on the farm. The stalks are very red and delicious. 

Our favourite way of eating rhubarb is in crumbles, pies, cooked into a “stew” with sugar and a dash of vanilla. Rhubarb goes well with strawberries and apples.   

Rhubarb freezes well. All you have to do is pick it, wash it, chop it up into inch size pieces, bag it and freeze it! Then when the berry season starts you can make all sorts of delicious recipes.