Below are a few links to some amazing blogs and posts that have been published about events that were hosted on the farm:

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Jordon & David's 2019 wedding blog by Juniper Events Co.

Jordon & David's 2019 wedding video by Dave Tebbutt

Jessie & Mauro's 2018 wedding blog by Maranda Elysse Photography

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Kaitlin & Kyle's 2017 wedding blog by Scott Turnbull

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Ashley & Sean's 2017 wedding video by Hienjo Films

Katie & Erik's 2017 wedding blog by Jenn & Dave Stark Photography

Sarah & Lance's 2017 wedding blog by Sarah Bissell Photography

Natalie and Sean's 2016 wedding blog by Paul Krol Photography!

Audrey & Alex's 2016 wedding blog by New Vintage Media!

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Jessica & Jason's 2016 wedding blog by Meg Wallace Photography!

Alana's & Shawn's 2015 Summer wedding blog by David & Sherry Photography!

Beth & Dylan's 2014 Summer Wedding blog by Kate Hood Photography!

Kristina & Brent's September 2014 Wedding! Details about this wedding were published on pages 114-117 in the Wedding Trends Magazine 2015!

Linda & Nathan's October 2014 Wedding blog by David& Sherry Photography!

Katie & Calvin's 2013 Wedding blog by Ruffled!

Haley & Jacky's 2013 Fall wedding blog by New Vintage Media!

Greta & Ian's 2013 Summer Wedding blog by Wildeyed Photography!

Dads of Muskoka 2013 Harvest Hoe Down video by Pure Muskoka!

Food served at 2013 Dads Harvest Hoe Down blog by Scrumpdillyicious!